different types of goods in economics

Different Types of goods in Economics

Introduction When economists have been studying the market economy, they saw that different goods react distinctively when there is a change in economic variables(price, income, …

different types of unemployment

Different Types of Unemployment

Introduction In simple, unemployment refers to the situation where people (human resources) are not engaged in productive activity. But in fact, it is not only …

Principles of management syllabus

Principles of Management Syllabus | PDF

You can get here the Principles of Management Syllabus (Pokhara University). And for the simplicity of learners, we give the link of PDF of ‘Principles of Management …


Nature and Scope of Macroeconomics

You are getting here the article on the nature and scope of macroeconomics, its importance, and its limitation. For the simplicity of learners, we give …

organizational goals

Organizational Goals

In simple we can define organizational Goals as the target or aims of the organization that the manager wants to achieve within a given time …

Types of Business Environment | PDF

Simply, the environment is the surrounding, condition, forces, object in which someone or something operates or exists. But in the field of management, Environment (or …


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