Types of Business Environment | PDF

Simply, the environment is the surrounding, condition, forces, object in which someone or something operates or exists. But in the field of management, Environment (or …

Theory X and Y

Theory X and Y in Management | PDF

Introduction Douglas McGregor, an American professor of management developed a new motivation theory named ‘Theory X and Y’. His theory in the field of management …

hierarchy of need theory

Hierarchy of need theory

Introduction Abraham Maslow, a human psychologist developed a theory of human needs known as ‘Hierarchy of need theory‘ in 1943. This theory has a vital …

Emerging Challenges of Management

As we know that managerial functions are the key to organizational success. Managers have to perform several roles to perform managerial activities/functions. There are several …


Bureaucracy Theory of Management

Concept:           Max Weber was a German Sociologist who developed a theory named Bureaucracy theory of management. His book ‘The Theory of Social and Economic …

level of management

Level of Management

The level of management is defined as the vertical rank of the managers in the organization. Managers of each level have different tasks and responsibilities. …

characteristics of management

Management | Definition | Characteristics

What is Management?           The word ‘Management’ is formed with the combination of three words, i.e. manage-men-t which means to manage human resources tactfully for …

Function of management

Function of Management

Introduction: All the managerial activities from the setting of objectives to taking necessary steps to ensure for achieving organizational objectives are managerial functions/Function of Management. …

Scientific management theory

Scientific Management Theory

Table of Contents Meaning of Scientific Management Theory:           Scientific management theory is an attitude and philosophy, which discard the traditional method of hit and …


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