Class 12

characteristics of management

Management | Definition | Characteristics

What is Management?           The word ‘Management’ is formed with the combination of three words, i.e. manage-men-t which means to manage human resources tactfully for …

Class 12 English book free download

English book class 12 new syllabus

Nepal government launched a new course for class 12 students. The government has changed the different subject courses including English. I am here to provide …

Function of management

Function of Management

Introduction: All the managerial activities from the setting of objectives to taking necessary steps to ensure for achieving organizational objectives are managerial functions/Function of Management. …

income elasticity greater than unity

Income elasticity of Demand

Definition: The income elasticity of demand measures how the quantity demanded changes as consumer income changes. Economists compute the income elasticity of demand as the …

Price elasticity of demand

Elasticity of Demand

Introduction: The concept of elasticity of demand was first introduced by the classical economists A.A. Cournot and J.S. Mill. Later on, neo-classical economist Alfred Marshall …


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