A Day Summary

A Day poem is written by a famous and well-known poet of America. She is Emily Dickinson. She was born in 1830 and died in 1886. She was a famous poet of the nineteenth century. Emily Dickinson is also considered the founder of a uniquely American poetic voice. In the poem, Dickinson describes a beautiful day by using different symbols and imageries.

The poem “A Day” is completed in four stanzas. In the first two stanzas, Dickinson describes the morning time of day. In the remaining two stanzas Dickinson describes the evening time of day (sun setting time).

In the first stanza, A small child tells about the raising of the sun to his friends. Child says that sunrises than ribbon like rays get distributed which bring happiness and beautifulness in our surroundings. According to the second Stanza, the speaker says that the raising of the sun makes the hills more beautiful. It also increases the beauty of all-natural resources due to which all living being feels more comfortable during the morning time. Here, we find that the writer symbols morning as birth because the raising of the sun brings happiness and comfort to every living being.

In the third stanza and fourth stanza, the speaker describes the sun setting. The Speaker symbol it as death when the sun gets set and the little birds stop singing children also stop playing. The setting of the sun brings darkness to hills and decreases the natural beauty by hiding it. This all symbolizes that happiness and beautifulness end with the setting of the sun so, the setting of the sun means death (end).

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