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Are you a student of Pokhara University currently enrolled in management faculty? Do you want to boost your academic grade? Look no further! One of the greatest ways to improve your grade is to go over and practice the old questions paper collections. This helps you to get valuable insights about the format, structure, and types of questions that may be asked in the exam.

This article contains all the previous year’s question papers on the subject: “Strategic Management” from 2016 to now in the sequences as per chapter. Believe me! This article will surely help in your academic journey.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Strategic Management

YearVery Short Answer Questions
2021 Fall Q.No. 2Define formality in Strategic Management.
2018 Fall Q.No. 10Briefly define formality in Strategic Management.
2018 Spring Q.No. 7Explain in brief strategy and levels involved in it.
YearDescriptive Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 11“Strategic Management plays significance role for gaining long-term sustainability and success for the organization”. Justify.
2021 Fall Q.No. 15Define strategic management. Explain why it is important in the liberalized economy like Nepal using the support of its process?
2019 Fall Q.No. 11“Strategic management plays an important role for the success of the organization in the modern age of globalization.” Explain the importance of strategic management in the context of Nepalese organizations.
2018 Fall Q.No. 11Why the subject ‘strategic management’ is important for today’s modern organization? Does all type of organization really need to apply the concepts of strategic management to realize its targeted goal? Explain with suitable examples.
2018 Spring Q.No. 11How do you explain a well defined strategy and its close linkage for achieving the organizational goal? Expain.
2018 Fall Q.No. 11 (a)Define strategic management. Discuss the role of CEO in strategic management.
2017 Spring Q.No. 11How do you explain the success of a business that does not use a formal strategic planning process?

Chapter 2: Company Direction

YearVery Short Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 2Write any two differences between short-term and long-term objectives.
2021 Fall Q.No. 3Differentiate between mission and vision.
2020 Fall Q.No. 3Give an example of vision statement.
2019 Fall Q.No. 2 List out the components of mission statement.
2019 Fall Q.No. 7What is annual objective?
2018 Spring Q.No. 2What is annual objective?
2018 Spring Q.No. 8Elucidate strategic intent.
2018 Spring Q.No. 10Illustrate financial objectives and strategic objectives.
2018 Fall Q.No. 1Define strategic intent.
2017 Spring Q.No. 5Define strategic intent.
YearDescriptive Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 16Differentiate between strategic objective and financial objective with suitable examples.
2020 Fall Q.No. 11Analyze the following mission statement of Apple Inc. and explain whether it justifies the characteristics that a mission statement should have keeping in mind the present state of Apple Inc. in the international market.
2019 Fall Q.No. 12Is the following mission statement of Nestle, which is one of the biggest companies involved in manufacturing of various food products sold globally, justifiable? Explain with valid points.
2018 Fall Q.No. 3 (a)The role of financial objectives and its effective implementation are more significant in strategic management. Elaborate the statement.
2018 Fall Q.No. 7 (b)Write short notes on strategic intent.
2018 Fall Q.No. 12“Developing a well-conceived vision is necessary but not sufficient; it is required to communicate the vision within the firm.” Explain.
2017 Spring Q.No. 12What is a company mission? Mention the characteristics of a good mission statement.

Chapter 3: External Environment Analysis

YearVery Short Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 1Define environmental scanning.
2022 Fall Q.No. 3List out five forces as mentioned by Porter’s five forces model.
2022 Fall Q.No. 5Write down the major components of task environment.
2022 Fall Q.No. 8Write any four components of socio-cultural environment.
2021 Fall Q.No. 4What is strategic group mapping? List down its process.
2021 Fall Q.No. 8Briefly define distinctive competency.
2020 Fall Q.No. 2Differentiate between individualism and collectivism.
2019 Fall Q.No. 4What is strategic group mapping?
2018 Spring Q.No. 4Draw a strategic group map of any industry you like.
2018 Fall Q.No. 2What is CSR?
2018 Fall Q.No. 5What are the benefits of doing SWOT analysis? Explain very briefly.
2018 Fall Q.No. 7Define strategic group mapping.
2017 Spring Q.No. 6Define strategic group mapping.
YearDescriptive Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 12What do you mean by competitive advantage? Explain why this competitive advantage is central in order to formulate organizational strategy.
2020 Fall Q.No. 12How do social and economic factors influence the strategy of an organization?
2020 Fall Q.No. 13Analyze the alcoholic drinks industry of Nepal using the Porter’s five forces model.
2020 Fall Q.No. 15Define and explain Discretionary Corporate Social Responsibility with the help of an example. How has globalization affected the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practices in the modern context?
2019 Fall Q.No. 13How does porter’s five forces model help in the analysis of competitive environment? Discuss with appropriate examples.
2019 Fall Q.No. 16Ten new life insurance companies have entered in the life insurance industry in Nepal and they will be starting their operations very soon. The external and internal environment analyses show that the market has a lot of opportunities in this sector and five of the companies have high competitive strengths in term of resources. What kind of grand strategies would you recommend to these five companies and why?
2018 Spring Q.No. 12Choose an industry in your native town which you would like to compete. Use the five forces model of competitive analysis to explain why that industry is attractive to you.
2018 Fall Q.No. 1 (b)In today’s dynamic and complex business environment, are porter’s five forces still appropriate? Discuss with an example form Nepalese context.
2018 Fall Q.No. 2 (a)Prepare a SWOT analysis of the manufacturing an industry of your choice.
2018 Fall Q.No. 7 (a)Write short notes on PESTLEG.
2018 Fall Q.No. 13Analyze the noodles industry of Nepal by using Porter’s five forces model? Do you think that it is a perfect tool for industry analysis? Comment.
2017 Spring Q.No. 15What are the five forces that can be used to assess the industry environment? Discuss.

Chapter 4: Internal Analysis

YearVery Short Answer Questions
2020 Fall Q.No. 4Define Resource based view approach of internal analysis of a firm.
2020 Fall Q.No. 6How do you define benchmarking?
2019 Fall Q.No. 5Define threshold resource.
2019 Fall Q.No. 5Define benchmarking.
2019 Fall Q.No. 10What is resource based view of a firm?
2018 Spring Q.No. 1Define benchmarking.
2018 Fall Q.No. 3Define threshold resources.
2018 Fall Q.No. 4Define Benchmarking.
2017 Spring Q.No. 7What is resource-based view of a firm?
YearDescriptive Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 13“A perfect cost and value chain analysis leads to competitive cost advantage for the company”. What is it so? Explain.
2021 Fall Q.No. 11How does porter’s value chain facilitate the working of the resource-based-view in achieving competitive advantage?
2019 Fall Q.No. 15What are the areas of internal analysis? How does value chain analysis help in analyzing the competitive strength of an organization? Discuss with illustration.
2018 Spring Q.No. 16How is a firm can get cost advantage from well-defined value chain analysis? Explain with example.
2018 Fall Q.No. 2 (b)What is benchmarking? Discuss the importance of benchmarking.
2018 Fall Q.No. 5 (b)“A perfect cost and value chain analysis leads of competitive cost advantage for a company.” Explain.
2018 Fall Q.No. 7 (b)Write short notes on: Strategy making pyramid
2018 Fall Q.No. 14How does Porter’s value chain facilitate the working of the resource based view in achieving competitive advantage?
2017 Spring Q.No. 14What do you understand by strategic analysis? Explain value chain approach to analyze the resources of a firm.
2017 Spring Q.No. 2 (b)Write short notes on: Benchmarking

Chapter 5: Strategic Options and Choice Techniques

YearVery Short Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 4Describe the SUB level organisational structure.
2022 Fall Q.No. 9What do you mean by stability strategy?
2022 Fall Q.No. 10Write any two conditions for the success of differentiation strategy.
2021 Fall Q.No. 5Define turn-around strategy.
2020 Fall Q.No. 1How do you define corporate level strategy?
2020 Fall Q.No. 5Why firms diversity their business? List any two reasons.
2020 Fall Q.NO. 7Define retrenchment strategy.
2019 Fall Q.No. 1What is corporate level strategy?
2019 Fall Q.No. 8Define retrenchment strategy?
2018 Spring Q.No. 3List out any two methods of differentiation strategy.
2018 Spring Q.No. 5Make short note on SBU structure.
2018 Fall Q.No. 6Define Focus strategy.
2018 Fall Q.No. 8Write any two ways of cost reduction.
2017 Spring Q.No. 1What do you understand by retrenchment strategy?
2017 Spring Q.No. 2Specify the characteristics of ‘Dogs’ as specified in the BCG matrix.
2017 Spring Q.No. 3Under what conditions growth strategy is being pursued by firm?
2017 Spring Q.No. 8Discuss the types of focused strategy.
YearDescriptive Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 15Define BCG matrix. What is the role of BCG matrix in strategic analysis and choice? Explain.
2021 Fall Q.No. 12Explain the concept of BCG matrix. How is the concept of BCG matrix helpful to manage the portfolio?
2021 Fall Q.No. 13Write down the suitable marketing and financial functional strategies for a noodle factory operating in Nepalese business environment.
2020 Fall Q.No. 17Explain the difference between generic and grand strategies. What are the advantages and key risks involved in adopting a differentiation strategy by a firm?
2019 Fall Q.No. 14Discuss porter’s generic strategies with the help of suitable examples.
2018 Spring Q.No. 13Explain the concept of GE nine cell matrix. How is the concept of GE grid helpful to manage the portfolio?
2018 Fall Q.No. 3 (b)What is the role of BCG matrix in strategic analysis and choice?
2018 Fall Q.No. 4 (a)What are generic strategies? Explain.
2018 Fall Q.No. 4 (b)“In the absence of strategic and cultural fit strategic alliances may destroy the organization.” Discuss this statement with the help of some relevant examples.
2018 Fall Q.No. 6 (a)Differentiate between conglomerate and concentric diversification.
2018 Fall Q.No. 6 (b)“Generic strategies clearly defines the sources of competitive advantage and broad or narrow target market.” In the light of this statement, explain the porter’s generic strategies. Also, explain what “stuck in the middle” strategy means.
2018 Fall Q.No. 16Explain the strategy selection matrix based on internal versus external growth with a desire to overcome weakness or maximize strengths.
2017 Spring Q.No. 13Explain about the grand strategy selection matrix.
2017 Spring Q.No. 17 (a)Write short notes on: Joint venture as strategy.

Chapter 6: Strategic Implementation

YearVery Short Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 6How do you differ operationalizing strategy from institutionalizing strategy?
2021 Fall Q.No. 6Mention any two roles of leadership in strategy implementation.
2021 Fall Q.No. 9Define Operationalization of strategy.
2021 Fall Q.No. 10Give two reasons for R & D in the organizations.
2020 Fall Q.No. 8List any two roles of leadership in strategy implementation.
2020 Fall Q.No. 10List out the resources allocation process.
2018 Spring Q.No. 6Mention any two roles of leadership in strategy implementation.
2018 Spring Q.No. 9What do you mean by resource planning?
2017 Spring Q.No. 9Describe about the Mc Kinsey’s 7s framework.
YearDescriptive Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 17‘Managers should carefully consider the types of organization structure while implementing their strategies’. Justify this statement.
2021 Fall Q.No. 16What are the steps that need to be considered in strategy implementation? And explain the importance of the role of leader in strategy implementation.
2021 Fall Q.No. 17Give an example of a business organization that uses all functional plannings and explain how they operate strategically.
2020 Fall Q.No. 16How do policies act as the instruments for strategic implementation? Explain.
2018 Spring Q.No. 14Explain in brief the different types of organizational structure for strategy implementation.
2018 Spring Q.No. 17Differentiate between operationalization and institutionalization of strategy. Both operationalization and institutionalization of strategy are necessary for proper implementation of strategy explain.
2018 Fall Q.No. 5 (a)What do you understand by the term industry boundary? What are the various issues involved in defining an industry boundary by a firm?
20018 Fall Q.No. 15Discuss about the major managerial issues to be dealt for strategy implementation process.
2017 Spring Q.No. 16What is matrix structure? Discuss its advantage and disadvantage.

Strategic Evaluation and Control

YearVery Short Answer Questions
2022 Fall Q.No. 7Define the term premise control.
2021 Fall Q.No. 1 What is strategic surveillance control.
2021 Fall Q.No. 7Define strategic control.
2020 Fall Q.No. 9What do you mean by premise control?
2019 Fall Q.No. 9What is special alert control?
2017 Spring Q.No. 4Write down the process of strategic evaluation and control.
2017 Spring Q.No. 10What do you mean by strategic surveillance?

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