Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind’s survival | Summary | Q&A

Summary of Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind’s survival

Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind's survival

The essay “Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind’s survival” is written by Russian mathematical geophysicist and seismologist Vladimir Keilis Borok. He presented their views related to how science is the indispensable guardian and caretaker of humankind when using it positively in this essay. Keilis Borok was a lecturer at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was also the group leader at the international institute for earthquake predicting theory and mathematical Geophysics, the Russian Academy of science. He was born on 31 July 1921 in Moscow and died on 19 October 2013 in California at age 92.

                                                                                    In this essay the writer explains the popular expression, “if you are so clever, why are you so poor?” the best examples that relate, to this expression is scientist and writer too. Scientists are the most clever person in the world but they don`t earn as businessmen, lawyers, and doctors. But they enjoy more freedom than businessmen, lawyers, and doctors and are also independent instead of earning more. The main achievement of the scientistic is rewards and honors. Thus, the writers defined science as “It is an exciting adventure where the major reward comes from the discovery itself.”

The main occupation of scientists is to discover new things and discover new things. This isn`t possible for a single person. So they work in a team and get more knowledge from it. They create a loving type of bond between them which makes them happier and freer instead of earning more money.

            The writer was in Moscow doing his research on the theory of seismic. At that time the cold war is at its apex in 1960. At the time of the cold war, the writer was invited by the president of the Russian Academy of science. And also received a message from Geneva

He gets a great surprise because the technical experts of the three top nations USA, the USSR, and the UK work together on it. The most shocking for him is; the president himself sent a letter to him. He knows all the details about nuclear weapons testing at that time. There was a great threat of nuclear weapons at that time on the survival of humans. So, the politician of three powerful nations bans the testing of nuclear weapons which helps to prevent the invention of stronger bombs and weapons. In this work, the writer works as a decider because he has good knowledge of seismic waves. His work is to find the difference between the seismic wave of an earthquake and artificial. Because the terrorists were involved in the underground nuclear tests which produce artificial waves.

The writer’s duty is to find out about such artificial waves and informed the government so they take action against such types of terrorist activity. Due to this, the chance of war decreases, and the life of humankind becomes safe. Science makes the life of humans essay in many aspects. Its invention makes our work easy and saves our time and energy. It is clear that the use of science in a positive way makes humankind’s survival less threatening than natural and man-made threats activity. By presenting, such types of example and statements, the writer proves that science is an indispensable guardian and caretaker.

Answer the following. (Understanding level)

What does a scientist get instead of big money?

Scientist gets freedom, honor, reward, and independency instead of big money. He gets these all due to their great discoveries.

What was the problem that the nuclear powers had faced?

The nuclear powers had agreed to a moratorium on nuclear weapons testing. However, they conceded that if anyone violated the agreement, they would not be able to detect it.

In which area did Keilis Borok`s theoretical knowledge have a direct application?

Keilis Borok`s theoretical knowledge had a direct application in the area of finding differences between the natural and man-made seismic waves which help to stop the underground nuclear test.

What are the natural and man-made disasters mentioned by the author?

The natural and man-made disasters as mentioned by the author are:-
Natural disaster= tsunami, earthquake.
Man-made= terrorism, war

Reference beyond the text. (Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind`s survival)

Everyone lives under the fear of annihilation by nuclear weapons. Explain this statement.

The nuclear weapon is the most powerful and destructive weapons. Testing of nuclear weapons affects the survival of humankind’s body. It is the result of using science in a negative way because the use of nuclear weapons causes the destruction of humankind and also results in many man-made disasters so, everyone uses it for the fear of annihilation by nuclear weapons.

The essayist says, while there is science, there is hope of survival and wellbeing for all of us. Explain it.

Science makes the survival of humankind easy by inventing different things that make the wore easy, and save time and energy. It also saves the life from threatening natural and man-made disasters. Its positive uses play a great role to save our life from different disasters as an antidote to prevent us from different diseases. So, it is true that while there is science, there is of hope for survival and well-being for all of us.

Reference to the context: (Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind`s survival)

The writer says, “I found myself in Geneva.” What does it express.”

It expresses the happiness feeling (surprise) of the writer because he was unexpectedly invited to the nuclear weapons conference in Geneva.

How does the essayist justify that scientific research is the mankind`s survival?

The essayist is in favor of science and its invention by presenting this argument. In the essay, he (author) explains that science is a caretaker of mankind because science provides new inventions, energy, etc. to human beings which help to make the survival of human beings easy.

What can be the purpose of the essayist of aging quotations in the essay?

The purpose of the essayist using quotations in the essay is to make aware of all the main points that he wishes to convey to the readers.

Are the following statements true? Why or why not?

  1. Money is more powerful than intellectual resources.

This statement is false because money is transient but intellectual resources help us to produce the best results continuously. And also money causes a slew of issues but intellectual helps to succeed.

2. Intellectual resources help the survival of the mankind.

It is true because intellectual resources help to provide hope for the future and also benefited in the forms of a healthy lifestyle, terrorism protection, and entertainment.

3. Basic research is a way of stalling disaster?

Obviously, this statement is true because people all over the world believe in scientific research and live their lives freely.

Discuss and illustrate the writer`s stand that scientists are the most practical people in the world.

In this essay, the writer explains the different works of scientists. According to him and the fact too, scientists are involved in creating new discoveries which help to make the survival of humankind easy. And the demand for new discoveries increases according to time. So, scientists are very busy in their work to fulfill the demand of humans. This proved that scientists are the most practical people in the world.

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