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About Writer (H.G. Wells-1866-1946)

Herbert George Wells(H.G. Wells) was an American writer who wrote in different genres like novels, short stories, history, satire, commentary, biography, and autobiography. He was also popular for his science fiction novels like ‘The War of the World’, ‘The invisible Man’, ‘The Island of Doctor Moreau. In the early, he also imagined nuclear weapons, aircraft, space travel, tank, the internet, television, etc. And also time travel, alien invasion, biological engineering, invisibility, etc. Above all, we should know that how far insight vision has him. He also writes the story “The Treasure in the Forest” which represents the end of greed is destructive.

The treasure in the Forest


  • Evans
  • Hooker
  • Chang-hi

Summary: The Treasure in the Forest

This is a suspenseful story. The story starts with the two-man (Evans and Hooker) who went on a voyage with an improvised Canoe (boat) with a map. They got this map by robbing and murdering a chinaman. The map was unclear. On a map, there is the outline of the island. Evans study the map and ran his thumbnail over the chart for the notion of different symbols on the map. Like; the curve and twisting line in the river.

A man with the map said to his partner you can see this dotted line which was straight and ran from the opening of the reef (समद्री चट्टान) to a clump(समुह) of palm trees. There is a blue star just where it cuts the river. They only mark the place lagoon (meaning: a small freshwater lake near a larger lake or river). When Evans asked Hooker, what the dotted line represents and what type the writing is? Hooker replied it’s Chinese. Of course Chinese, Evans said. They wait for a while and started their journey to the island as shown on the map. They didn’t pay much attention to the dotted line. Hooker turned the paddle of the Canoe.

Evans looks exhausted because of long the voyage from the mainland in the unprovisioned canoe. He tried to direct his mind to the ingots but can’t because of the dryness of his throat and lip. He being to doze (sleep slightly). Evans saw a dream. In his dream, his friend Hooker was also present. They say three Chinese men were talking about the treasure. This treasure was of the Spanish galleon which was shipwrecked (जहाज भत्किएको) nearly 200 years ago. Chang-hi reburied it in a secret and safe place. It was his secret. He wants help to return and exhume (निकाल्नु) it back.

Suddenly the Evans dream shifted to a moment where he had Chang-hi’s pigtail in his hand. Chang-hi threatens him. Chang-hi struggles to get the gold back. But Evans took the Chang-hi by pigtail. After some time, there was silence. Suddenly, Chang-hi opened his eyes and laughed. He saw a heap and heap of gold there which turned into a vast devil-like Chang-hi with a huge black tail.

Evans was speaking in the dream. Then, Hooker made him get up. They were near the lagoon (meaning: a small freshwater lake near a larger lake or river). There is also three palm tree as shown on the map and a number of bushes around. They pass the bushes and came to a river (नदी). They both drink the water from that river and ran their canoe. He paused their Canoe at a place and went toward the jungle in the search of the opening of the reef and the bushes in a straight line as shown on the map. During walking sometimes in the jungle, they find the stream. When they went a little downstream, they find something blue. It’s the dead body that looks like a chinaman. The body pose was unmistakable. They were quite surprised after seeing him there.

Near the dead body, there is a dug hole. Evans cleared the hole with his bare hand. During clearing the hole, a little thorn pricked his hand. He takes out the thorn from his finger and lifted the ingot from the whole. But the Hooker does nothing at this moment. He only looked at the chinaman dead body yet. Hooker wants to be buried the dead body. Evans convinces him by saying some poisonous snake bites the chinaman. Let’s go from here with the ingot.

Then Hooker was convinced and ready to go. They both lift the jacket from both sides in which the ingot was put. After walking some steps, Evans’s arms were aching, his face became white and a little drop of sweat stood out on his forehead. Evans is being to breathe heavily. His face became distorted with pain.

When Hooker goes near the Evans to help. “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” said Evans in a stifled voice. “Put the gold back on the coat.” Hooker took the gold in the jacket but a slender thorn, perhaps two inches in length prick (चुम्बन) on his hand. He looked at the thorn for some time and saw the situation of Evans. Hooker again looked at the pillar of the tree and creeper stems. He compared this situation with the chinaman. Now, he understood the meaning of dashes on the map.

“God help me!” he said. The thorns were similar to those the Dyaks poison and use in their blowing tubes. Then, he understood now what Chang-hi’s assurance of the safety of his treasure meant. He also understood that grin(हासो) now. Hooker cried Evans, Evans!, but Evans was silent and motionless. He started to suck where the thorn prick(चुम्बन). But it was too late. He felt a strange aching pain in his arms and shoulders, and his fingers seemed difficult to bend, then he knew that sucking was no good. Abruptly he stopped and sat down by the pile of ingots. Chang-hi’s grin came into his mind again. His pain was increasing slowly. From above the white petals fell down on her body due to the slow wind.

Moral/Main theme of the Story

This story represents that greed(लोभ) is the big enemy of a person and also shows the weakness for money and wealth. The end of greed is destructive. We must focus and understand each thing before making any decision on it. Otherwise, it result is bad like Evans and Hooker. We must prepare before going anywhere.

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