The Treasure in the Forest Exercise: Questions and Answers

This article contains related Questions and Answers to ‘The Treasure in the Forest’ written by H.G. Wells. For the simplicity of the reader, we also include the Download link PDF at last.

Before going to read this article, read the full summary of ‘The Treasure in the Forest’ written by HG Wells to understand the exercise (Questions and Answers) of this chapter.

The treasure in the forest questions answers

Understanding the text

Answer the following questions.

a. Describe the expository scene of the story.

The story starts with the two-man (Evans and Hooker) who went on a voyage with an improvised Canoe (boat) with an unclear map. They got this map by robbing and murdering a chinaman. Evans study the map by running his thumbnail over the chart for the notion of different symbols on the map. Like; the curve and twisting line in the river and starts his voyage to find the place as shown on the map.

b. What does the map look like and how do Evan and Hooker interpret it?

The map looks like a rough map of treasure/ingots. Evan and Hooker interpret it by running a thumbnail over the chart for the notion of different symbols on the map. Like; the curve and twisting line in the river. A man with the map(Evans) said to his partner you can see this dotted line which was straight and ran from the opening of the reef (समद्री चट्टान) to a clump(समुह) of palm trees. There is a blue star just where it cuts the river where we have to go. But they don’t pay much attention to the dotted line.

c. How did Evan and Hooker know about the treasure?

Evan and Hooker know about the treasure from the conversation between the chinaman and the map he has.

d. Describe Evan’s dream.

Evans saw a dream. In his dream, his friend Hooker was also present. They say three Chinese men were talking about the treasure. This treasure was of the Spanish galleon which was shipwrecked (जहाज भत्किएको) nearly 200 years ago. Chang-hi reburied it in a secret and safe place. It was his secret. He wants help to return and exhume (निकाल्नु) it back.
Suddenly the Evans dream shifted to a moment where he had Chang-hi’s pigtail in his hand. Chang-hi threatens him. Chang-hi struggles to get the gold back. But Evans took the Chang-hi by pigtail. After some time, there was silence. Suddenly, Chang-hi opened his eyes and laughed. He saw a heap and heap of gold there which turned into a vast devil-like Chang-hi with a huge black tail.

e. What do the two treasure hunters see when they walk towards the island?

The two treasure hunters see the three palm trees. They also see the opening of the reef and the bushes in a straight line as shown on the map. When they went a little downstream, they find something blue. It’s the dead body that looks like a chinaman. Near the dead body, there is a dug hole where the treasure lies.

f. In what condition did the treasure hunters find the dead man?

The treasure hunters find the dead man whose body is changed blue like some poisonous snake bites the chinaman, the neck was puffed and purple, and the hands and ankles were swollen. And also the body pose of chinaman was unmistakable.

g. How did the treasure hunters try to carry gold ingots to the canoe?

There are two treasure hunters ie. Evans and Hooker. One of them, Evans took his Jacket off and spread it on the ground, and flung ingots into it. And then they both took each end of the collar of the coat in his hands to carry gold ingots to the canoe.

h. How were Evan and Hooker poisoned?

During clearing the hole to get out the ingots(golds) from the hole, a little thorn pricked Evan’s hand and got poisoned. And when Evan fell ill, the corner of the jacket on which the gold is; left from his hand scattered on the ground. Hooker put the gold back on the coat. While collecting gold, a thorn is pricked in his hand and he also gets poisoned.

Reference to the Context

a. How do you know the story is set on a tropical island?

A tropical island is a region that is hot and surrounded by water and an ever-growing jungle of vines, trees, and darkness. The trees making a canopy of the jungle hide what lies underneath. There is no sound of an insect, bird, or reptile, no call of a human voice, only the steady rhythmical lap of the sea. In the story, the characters are moving in such a place. Thus, we came to know that the story is set on a tropical island.

b. Why do you think Evan and Hooker took such a risk of finding the buried treasure in a desert island?

Evan and Hooker are more interested in receiving treasures and becoming rich and powerful in a short time. There is greed besides his thought of taking such a risk. Evan and Hooker kill the chinaman and robbed the map of treasure because of his desire to live like a king. There is no sign of poverty or trouble in their life. Their family can live a good happy life. There is some reason Evan and Hooker took such a risk of finding the buried treasure on a desert island.

c. Do you think the narrator of the story is racist? If yes, what made him feel superior to other races?

Yes, the narrator is racist because he treated his character unfairly. A racist is a person who is prejudiced against or antagonistic towards a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. The word used in the story ‘Englishman'(Evans and Hooker) and ‘Chinaman’ reveal the psychology of the narrator and how he groups the person with their inhabitant. In this story, we also see that two English men robbed and killed the chinaman which shows the English man is more powerful and superior than chinaman.

d. What do you think is the moral of the story?

This story represents that greed(लोभ) is the big enemy of a person and also shows the weakness of money and wealth on persons. The end of greed is destructive. We must focus and understand each thing before making any decision on it. Otherwise, it result is bad like Evans and Hooker. We must prepare before going anywhere.

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