the selfish giant summary pdf

The Selfish Giant Summary

This article contains ‘The Selfish Giant’ summary written by Oscar Wilde. This article gives you a short summary of it which clears your all concepts …


Explain the law of supply and demand?

Introduction The Law of demand refers that when the price increases then the quantity demanded of that commodity decreases and vice-versa, other things remain the same. There …

Human-resources management-challenges

Human Resources Management Challenges

Human resources management (HRM) is the process of achieving organizational objectives through the acquisition, development, motivation, and maintenance of human resources (employees). A person who …


Decision Making Process

Every day, you have to make decisions in your life to get tasks done or to solve the problems which comes in front of you. …

different types of goods in economics

Different Types of goods in Economics

Introduction When economists have been studying the market economy, they saw that different goods react distinctively when there is a change in economic variables(price, income, …

different types of unemployment

Different Types of Unemployment

Introduction In simple, unemployment refers to the situation where people (human resources) are not engaged in productive activity. But in fact, it is not only …

Principles of management syllabus

Principles of Management Syllabus | PDF

You can get here the Principles of Management Syllabus (Pokhara University). And for the simplicity of learners, we give the link of PDF of ‘Principles of Management …


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