The Selfish Giant Summary

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The story “Selfish Giant” is written by Oscar Wilde. He was an Irish wit poet, novelist, and playwright. This story was first published in the anthology ‘The Happy Prince and other Tales’ in 1888. The story “The Selfish Gaint” is about a giant who learned an important lesson about love and Shang.

The selfish Giant Summary

This story explains the nature of the Selfish Giant and the change that occurred in him due to children. There was a large green and lovely garden with different types of flowers and fruits. This is a giant garden.

Once upon a time, a selfish giant had gone to visit his friend the Cornish ogre and he stayed seven years with him. Every afternoon, students (Children) were used to playing in that garden after arriving from school.

One day, the giant returns back to his place (garden). When he arrived, he saw the children playing in the garden. After seeing that, he cried in a gruff voice and said that ‘My own garden is my own garden’, No one allows to play here. After that, the children ran away. The Giant built a high wall around his garden and put up a notice board (Trespassers will be prosecuted). So no one comes into his garden next time.

After it, the children used to play on the road which is dusty and full of hard stones. The children weren’t happy playing on such a road. They wander around the wall and said how happy we were there”. The giant was very selfish. The spring seasons come all over the country but not in selfish giant’s garden. Birds didn’t care to sing in it.

It trees forgot to blossom as there were no children in the garden. There was still winter in the garden of the giant. The snow and the frost used to play. the snow and the frost also invite the north wind into the garden of the giant and this all makes his garden dry, due to this change selfish giant thinks why spring never came into my garden?

One morning the giant was laying on the bed when he heard some lovely music then he thinks that the birds start to sing in his garden but not, it was sing’s musicians. Due to this sound, the giant thinks spring came and he jumps out of bed and worked out.

He saw the children sitting on the branches of trees by creeping through the little hole in the wall. When children enter his garden then trees started to blossom and birds started to sing. But in one corner, there was winter. In that corner, a small boy tried to climb on the trees but he was not able to the tree’s lower branch to help the boy.

In this scene, Gaint’s heart gets melt and he helps that boy to climb the tree. These activities make the giant realize his mistake (selfishness). After it, he broke the wall and allow the children to play in his garden. the giant also used to play with children.

A small child is wounded and when the giant saw it then he asked who wounded you. I will kill them said me. The child said No this is the sign of love. After it, the child said to the giant let me play in your garden, today you shall come with me to my garden. and when the children came the next afternoon to his garden, they found the giant laying dead under the tree.

The moral of this story is that we never are selfish. we help the helpless and needy people. don’t violate the right of others. according to our work, we get fruits.

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