God Sees the Truth but Waits Exercise

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God sees the truth but waits exercise

Understanding the Text:

a. What bad habits did Aksionov have before his marriage?

Before Aksionov’s marriage, he used to drink alcohol and became riotous when drank too much. He had also the habit of wasting the time. But after marriage, he gave up all of it.

b. What can be the meaning of his wife’s dream?

Aksionov wife’s saw a bad dream in which his hair was quite grey at the time of returning home. This dream can be interpreted as it is a forewarning of the future event that will happen to her husband Aksionov. This dream shows that her husband has to live separately from his family for a longer period of time and at the time of returning home, he will become old.

c. Why did Aksionov think of killing himself?

Aksionov thought of killing himself because he had remembered all their painful memories of how he was torched and injustice. He had to live in prison without committing any time for twenty-six years. His wife also suspected him and did not come to meet him again. He felt that life is no longer worth living.

d. Why did Makar disclose that he had killed the merchant?

Makar disclose that he had killed the merchant in front of Aksionov because he was impressed with his kind nature of Aksionov. He felt guilty and ashamed of himself for thinking that an innocent and kind-hearted person was suffering in prison due to him. He is the one who committed the crime but Aksionov was punished for it. Aksionov got away from his happy family due to him. He is the reason for all of Aksionov’s suffering.

e. Why doesn’t Aksionov wish to return to his family at the end of the story?

Aksionov doesn’t wish to return to his family at the end of the story because he lost almost everything, his prestige, dignity, and respect in front of his family as well as the community.

Reference to the Context

a. “Well, old man,” repeated the Governor, “tell me the truth: who has been digging under the wall?”

i. Who is that old man?

Aksionov is that old man.

ii. Which truth is the speaker asking about?

The speaker is asking about the man who has dug the tunnel under the wall of the prison.

iii. Which wall does the speaker mean?

The speaker means the prison’s wall under which the tunnel is dug.

b. Describe Aksionov’s character.

Aksionov was the protagonist of the story. He was a young wealthy businessman in the town of Vladimir. He was handsome with fair-curly hair. He was full of fun and very fond of singing. He used to drink and became riotous when he had had too much before marriage. But after marriage, he gave up all of his drinkings. This shows how extent to which he loves his family.

His life took a turn when he was wrongly accused of murdering his fellow merchant and robbing twenty thousand rubles. He had lost his family and spent almost twenty-six years in prison for a crime that he had not committed. Then also, he waits for god’s judgment. This shows his devotion to god. He is also mentally strong because he has lost his family and was tortured several times in prison but he faces all these. He is a kind-hearted man who foregive the people that is responsible for killing the merchant and all his pain.

c.What is the theme of the story?

We find several themes in this story but three are major ones. The first one is; the truth can’t be buried or hides, No matter how much you want to hide the truth, one day it comes out and gets revealed. And the second theme is; forgiveness is the best way to take revenge. It builds positive energy in you and makes your heart lighter. And the third one is; if someone does wrong to you, don’t take the stress. Believe in god judgment. God does justice to everyone although it takes some time.

d. Which symbols are used in the story and what do they indicate?

We find various symbols used in the story which represent different meanings and themes. Some of them are as follows:

  • House and Shops: House and Shops symbolize materialistic things that do not remain forever. Materialistic things do not buy the happiness of the person.
  • Drinking Habits: The drinking habits of Aksionov symbolizes the reckless behavior of a person after drinking much and later he gave up drinking and became a good person in front of his family as well as society. This indicates that Everyone likes a good and responsible person.
  • Injustice: Injustice to Aksionov in the story symbolizes how injustice to any person by the legal system ruins an innocent person’s life.
  • Book (The lives of the Saint): This book symbolizes the religious transformation of Aksionov that leads him to devote his life towards God and keep faith till the end.

Reference beyond the text

a. What role does religion play in Aksionov’s life? How does he undergo a spiritual transformation in the story?

Religion plays a significant role in Aksionov’s life. When he was wrongly accused and his wife also suspect him then he gave all his hopes to God. He believed that god will do justice. After spending twenty-six years in prison, he brought the book “The Lives of the Saint” from the money that he earn by making boots in the prison. He read this book’s lesson in the church and sang in the choir.

During this time in prison, he undergoes a spiritual transformation. He devoted himself to god more than previously. He gains a deeper understanding of the Christian values of forgiveness and humanity. When he met the real killer (Semyonich) of the merchant and the person behind all his pain. He forgives him. He realizes that forgiveness is the best way to get peace. In this way, this story tells how Aksionov’s life is transformed from materialistic to spiritual.

What does the story tell us about the existence of unfair system of justice?

The story tells us about the existence of an unfair system of justice through the incident that happened to the protagonist of the story Aksionov. This story tells how an unfair legal system of justice ruins an innocent life. In this story, Aksionov was wrongly accused and imprisoned based on weak or circumstantial evidence for twenty-six years for a crime that he had not committed. He has lost almost everything, his prestige, dignity, and respect in front of his family as well as the community. He suffers a lot in his entire life due to an unfair system of justice.

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